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Thermal Imaging Services

Structural defects and water leaks are sometimes invisible to the naked eye. A faulty design or moisture intrusion can hide behind a wall, under the floor, or may be too small for an owner to detect it easily. Dismantling a section of your property to identify the problem can sometimes be more expensive than the repair itself. Luckily, thermal imaging techniques can help solve these problems.

Also known as Thermography, thermal imaging is the use of infrared light to produce a 2D model of a subject. Advances in technology have found useful applications of this process. One of which is the use of thermal imaging devices to diagnose the reliability and efficiency of structures. It is can also help detect defects or damages that are hidden, and identify possible solutions to those defects.

How Does Thermal Imaging Work?

Thermal imaging requires the use of tools and equipment such as specialized lenses, infrared light emitters, and infrared detectors.

Thermal Imaging and Infrared Cameras can see and measure heat differences, for example, in building materials such as ceilings, walls and floors. Wet or moist areas and objects will have a different temperature than dry areas due to evaporative cooling, increased conductance or thermal capacitance. This difference in temperature can be identified using a thermal imaging camera because the moist areas will appear relatively darker or lighter than the dry areas, enabling us to locate them. By using infrared technology, a trained professional can pinpoint weaknesses and defects of a building or equipment. The thermogram can also help determine the cause and possible solutions to these problems.

Thermal imaging is also used on equipment with lots of moving parts or electricity. Overheating components would put off higher heat signatures, allowing the infrared professional to locate a future issue before anything breaks or overheats.

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Why Should You Thermal Image Test A Building?

A damage or defect in your home can grow unless it is detected and confronted early. Thermal imaging can help you pinpoint problems even when they are still invisible to the eye. Another benefit of thermal imaging is that it does not require the dismantling of any structure. Hence, it can save clients time and money.

When Should You Use A Thermal Imaging Inspection?

If you suspect there may be a leak starting or growing in your home or building but you don’t want to tear a wall apart to check, a thermal imaging inspection would be perfect for you. Once a repair has been made on a previous moisture issue, it would be wise to have a professional follow up with an infrared camera to confirm the repair as well. For homes located in damp or moist places, a moisture intrusion scan can give you some peace of mind.

Thermal Imaging is used on commercial properties as well, especially to inspect flat roofs which can easily collect standing water which can lead to structural issues and more. Other commercial uses of infrared may be: electrical panel inspections, building envelope inspections, looking for water intrusion, or other preventative maintenance.

What Thermal Imaging Services Does Allegiance Home Inspection Offer?

Allegiance is committed to providing top-notch and unbeatable service to our clients within Kitsap County and its surrounding areas. We make sure that our people are expert and knowledgeable in every service that we offer. We also use the latest tools and equipment to make sure that our measurements are accurate and precise. Allegiance offers the following thermal imaging services:

  • Bathroom Infrared Scans
  • Kitchen Infrared Scans
  • Moisture Intrusion Scans
  • Radiant Heating System Scans
  • Electrical Panel Scans

We can help you determine which service would be best for your property. We also provide affordable and reliable services for homeowners. Call us or send us an email to learn more!


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