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Some of your most frequently asked questions about infrared thermography services, commercial roofing concerns and our process answered.

Should I be present during my home inspection?

Although it is not required, your home inspection is a great time to ask your home inspector questions and become educated on your property. We take pride in conducting our home inspection as a “home education course”.


How much will my home inspection cost?

Home inspection costs vary depending on many factors including square footage and the age of the home, along with the complexity of the inspection. Don’t allow cost to be a deterrent; buyers frequently save many times the inspection cost in repairs or renegotiating with the seller, based on concerns found. Please call us anytime for a quote.


Can I choose my own inspector when I’m ready to purchase my house?

Yes. Home inspectors are brought in as a 3rd party in the real estate transaction. We are the consumer’s advocate. Buyers often prefer to choose their own inspector although real estate brokers sometimes have a few inspectors they could recommend.


Do inspections come with a warranty?

Although home inspections are designed to be thorough and informative, it is impossible to guarantee the useful life of home operating systems or material defects. A home inspection, in no way, constitutes a warranty, insurance policy or guarantee of any kind.

However we DO have a 200% guarantee and a 90 Day Buyback Guarantee (for those working with real estate brokers). Call us to find out more!


What does a home inspection include?

A standard home inspection a complete a visual overview of:  the heating system, the electrical system, the cooling system,  ceilings, floors, windows, doors, appliances, foundation, the interior plumbing, the roof surface, attic, insulation, walls, basement, exterior, drainage and structure.


Don’t I need to have a structural pest inspection separately?

Allegiance Home Inspection is licensed and insured to conduct Structural Pest Inspection in the entire State of Washington. All Home Inspections come with a complete Structural Pest Inspection.


Is a home inspection the same as an appraisal?

No, an appraisal evaluates the market value of a property. A home inspection exclusively evaluates the condition of a structure.


Do you fix the problems that you uncover (or have resources for those who will)?

As home inspectors, our job is to identify the problem, not diagnose. We will inform you if we find an anomaly but we do not repair them. If you are in need of a contractor to repair an issue, we can definitely offer suggestions.


How do I get a quote on a home inspection?

Give us a call or fill out our contact form today for an accurate quote. If we don’t answer we will get back to you quickly so please leave a message with your name and number.


What areas can you do a home inspection?

We frequently inspect homes in Kitsap County, Mason County, Pierce County, South King County and Thurston County. If you are in Washington State Arrangements can almost always be made for us to perform a Home Inspection for you.


Do you offer Thermal Infrared Inspections as well?

We do. Please see our sister business, Allegiance Infrared Inspections for more details.


Do you offer commercial building inspections?

We do. Please contact us for more information and a custom quote.

It is our pleasure to answer any of your questions or concerns. Please call our business number anytime until 7:00 pm Monday-Saturday

(360) 900-9811

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