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If you’re a new homeowner, it’s easy to get overwhelmed about how many new tools you’ll need for keeping up with your home’s maintenance.

Here is a list of 5 recommended tools that every new homeowner should have:


1. Flashlights

In case of emergency, or simply to see in small or dark spaces in your home, a flashlight with good batteries is a must.

2. Tape Measure

When you’re moving in, or looking to purchase your own new home, having a tape measure on hand is great for ensuring that all of your furniture will fit nicely. Tape measures also come in handy anytime anything needs measuring, and as a homeowner, you’ll find that these things sneak up more often than you’d expect!

3. Caulking Gun

Caulking is the process of sealing gaps and cracks in your home, especially in window or door frames and certain types of piping. Having nicely caulked seals will help to ensure that your home is thermally insulated, will help with noise reduction and can control water leaks.

4. Combination Wrench Set

Combination wrenches have a closed end as well as an open end, allowing you to use one or the other, depending on whether the nuts and bolts are standard or metric sizes – both of which are commonly manufactured. Make sure to avoid over tightening, as this may make it hard to loosen or may if needed in the future.

5. Torpedo Level

A torpedo level will come in handy when hanging shelves or pictures, or ensuring that places in your home are level. Many smart phones now come equipped with a level instrument, however, it’s always nice to have the original on hand. Torpedo levels not only help you to find if an object is vertical or horizontal, but also comes with 45 degree angle gauges.


There are many objects to add to this list! What would you recommend?


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